Zelher Corp – Always delivering quality products

Zelher believes that Communication is key in all walks of life and for that reason we strive to produce the best quality Bluetooth® headsets money can buy.

Our company specializes in high quality Bluetooth ® wireless products, including mono and stereo headwear Bluetooth ® with noise cancelling technology, crystal clear sound, extra-long talk times and is compatible with most Bluetooth ® phones and devices.

Based in the Big Apple Since 2009, Zelher has created the P series with two unforgettable headsets which have taken the market by storm. With countless happy customers, we are now venturing into corded headsets for computers and other wireless products which will allow you to stay in touch with those who matter.

A Bluetooth ® headset perfect for all professionals, whether you are a trucker on the road, love skyping or an executive in a high rise building, Zelher has the perfect selection of Bluetooth ® headset for you to choose from.

Learn more about us:

If you would like to learn more about Zelher Corporation, contact us via the contact us form. Be sure to provide us with the relevant information to get back to you. Zelher Corp is a subsidiary of Fifth Ave. Accessories Corp.

Peace of Mind

We are confident about our products and that's why all our products comes with hassle free 12 month warranty*

*1 Yr from date of purchase- If your headset system fails to work due to a defect in material or workmanship, Fifth Avenue Accessories Corp. will repair or replace the product, at its election, free of charge. Consumable components (for example, cushions, battery and fuse) are not included in this one-year warranty.